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Hi everyone! Welcome to!

Our website showcases the best educational toys that promotes ingenuity, creativity, critical thinking and help develop the love for Science, Engineering, Mathematics & Technology for kids, teens and parents, too!

Who We Are

We are Lito & Jhie, a couple who shares the same interest about Science, Engineering and Business. We both have Metallurgical Engineering background and both work for metal foundries in Manitoba, Canada. We have two amazing & energetic boys, ages 8 & 2 year old.

Growing up, both Lito & I, did not have the luxury of having a lot of toys and gadgets. We had to be creative and resourceful on how to amuse ourselves and have fun playing with the meager means we had. With the technology we have today, it’s amazing how easy to have those cool and educational “must have” toys for kids, teens and literally just any age that rapidly change and evolve! It can be overwhelming for parents to find and choose the best STEM learning toys for our kids.

Our Goal

As parents of very curious tween & toddler, we want to be as engaging as possible in the skills development of our two boys. We want to participate in the fun and support the learning of complex ideas about Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Technology, through toys.

We hope to share insights, useful reviews & guides about kids’ educational STEM toys in order to make an informed decision to parents who want only the best for their kids.

Let’s help our little geniuses thrive through play with STEM learning toys! 🙂

All for your best interest,

Lito & Jhie

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