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Amazon Educational Toys for Kids – Black Friday Deals

Looking for toys that suit your little geniuses?

Listed below are the best educational toys for children that will surely sharpen your little Einsteins’ brains while having fun fiddling with parts that enhance their motor skills.

Shifu Orboot: Augmented Reality Interactive Globe for Kids

Recommended Age: Age 4 to 12 Years

Focus on: Science & Arts

Skills to learn: Knowledge and comprehension about Geography, History, Environmental Science

Traveling to other places is undeniably a lot of fun. With this Augmented Reality Interactive Globe, every day can be a fun-filled day of exploration and traveling to different places around the globe. It is a combination of an old-fashioned globe to visualize the earth realistically and an Orboot app to make the educational experience fun and interactive. Through the App, the facts on the globe come alive in 4D right before their eyes!


Engino Discovering STEM Fluid Dynamics


Recommended Age: Age 8 to 15 Years

Focus on: Engineering and Physics

Skills to learn: Construction Building, Knowledge and Comprehension about Fluid Dynamics Principles such as Archimedes Principle, Torricelli’s Law, Pascal’s Law & Bernoulli’s Principle

This Fluid Dynamics Building Kit is a great way to introduce and familiarize the complicated physics concept of Fluid dynamics that is taught in high school and college. Getting hands-on interactive experience that explains these principles and concepts makes learning a lot easier, than imagining the examples written in books and memorizing the definitions. Being able to experience to build the models, applying the theories, learning the history and testing the knowledge learned through play creates a solid foundation of learning.



Adeept Mars Rover PiCar-B WiFi Smart Robot Car Kit for Raspberry Pi 3

Recommended Age: 8 Years & up

Focus on: Technology & Robotics

Skills to learn: Knowledge and comprehension about Raspberry Pi programming, electronics assembling and robotics

Get ready to take your coding skills to a higher level with this complete AI(Artificial Intelligence) robot kit based on the Raspberry Pi using an Easy-to-understand Python code and GUI program that is compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems. Be all out techie with its speech recognition, object recognition and tracking, line tracking, automatic obstacle avoidance and real-time video transmission capabilities



Osmo – Genius Starter Kit for iPad

Recommended Age: 6-10 years old

Focus on: Math, Arts, Reading & Vocabulary, Early Engineering

Skills to learn: Shapes & placing in designs, Problem Solving, creative drawing skills, counting with numbers/dice, letters, spelling & vocabulary

Kids cannot part with their iPad? No problem! Integrate hands-on learning activities with their iPad buddy to learn numbers, words, arts and basic physics & engineering while having fun.



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