Lego Technic Rally Car

Build Your Own Remote Control Cars (For Preteens 6-12 yo)

Preteen age has its own perks. This is the time when your baby is no longer a baby but still wants all of your attention, yet they feel like they know everything about the world. It is during this stage that they kind of know what they want but moms or dad’s opinion still matters. As Pastor Mark from Church of the Rock pointed out on his “Parenting on Purpose” sermon series, when kids are in the ages between 5 to 12 years old, parents enter the stage of being The Convincer in their kids’ lives. We can no longer command them what to do or what to desire for themselves. We can just convince them and let them decide for themselves.

As parents, who typically know better, we need to guide them to make proper choices especially concerning their decisions for their future.

My now 9-year old son, Jem, has been convinced by me that he needs to complete his swimming lessons to be able to develop his swimming skills. He likes swimming but not a big fan of it. However, he understands that developing this skill could actually save his life and provides an opportunity for him to take lifeguard or swimming instructor jobs as summer jobs while taking university courses. For me, it’s important to equip him with life’s skills that can provide him options for his future career.

Did I say this is the stage where they know what they want? Yes, pre-teenagers do know exactly what they want and they become pretty persistent about it!

Talking about what they want, Jem wanted the Lego Technic Rally Car and has been persistently asking about buying it for days. So here I am finding myself researching all about this Lego Technic Rally Car and all other options available in the market relevant to this new hype in the toy world designed for preteens.

Lego Technic Rally Car

Lego Technic Rally Car is a build your own remote control car kit designed for kids aged 10 to 16 years old. Even adults will definitely find these toys very interesting. It is a building block toy plus toy car in one! What’s even cooler? They are made up of moving parts, not just like their old Lego building blocks predecessors with just static parts. With Technic Rally Car, you can actually build and see the inside pieces of the car in greater detail, like the cage that protects the driver, the moving pistons that are connected to the wheels and the engine at the back. It is also can be rebuilt into a Buggy, a totally different car out of the same 1005 pieces. No wonder it totally got my son’s attention! Rally Car measures over 9” (24 cm) high, 16”(42 cm) long and 8” (21 cm) wide. Buggy measures over 6” (16 cm) high, 14” (36 cm) long and 8” (22 cm) wide.

If you and your kids are into fancy cars, then this Lego Technic Rally Car is for you. You’ll definitely enjoy building its authentic details. I’m impressed with its very cool features, it has:

Cool Features

  • Steering knob at the top that controls the front two wheels
  • Working front and back suspension
  • Front Rally lights
  • Nice big spoiler at the back
  • Two fans under the hood to keep it cool
  • V6 engine with moving piston
  • Two useful side doors
  • Awesome design stickers
  • 2-in-1 set able to create 2 totally different cars using the same pieces



  • Has lots of cool features with authentic details
  • Offers a 2-in-1 LEGO Technic model rebuilds into a Buggy
  • Compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building


  • No built-in remote control (RC), RC can possibly be added to it with some improvisation and research skills and additional cost since Lego power function and battery pack required to make this an RC are sold separately.
  • Expensive

What I Think About Lego Technic Rally Car

For me, enabling the building blocks toys with moving parts and remote control operation is a brilliant idea and would definitely a big step-up on kids’ play. I would imagine a lot longer play for these types of Lego toys compared to their non-moving counterparts. Developing the kid’s building skills, logical thinking, patience, creativity and focus has never been more fun!

It’s typical for me to search around for better option whenever I want to buy something before settling in to a single item. I bet most of you do the same. The same thing for this item, I searched for other build your own remote control car kit options that have the same building blocks toys and remote controlled car/robot in one capability and I found even cooler and fancier ones below for just a fraction of the cost:

DAZHONG Remote Control Building Block Robot


This DAZHONG Remote Control Building Block Robot is designed for kids 6to-14 years old to build a remote-controlled robot. It comes with 347 pieces to build a robot that can be controlled using a 2.4G infrared remote controller to move in all directions including a 360-degree rotating stunt. It is equipped with a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that can play continuously for 40mins after a 120 min charge time using a USB charging cable. The remote control needs 2 AAA batteries which are not included.


  • Blocks pieces are bright and colorful, which are attractive to kids to play and engage
  • Provide enough challenge to build but easy enough to provide a frustration-free experience using the provided instruction manual.
  • Block pieces are washable
  • Price is cheap



  • Robot’s arms and head do not move, works more like a remote-controlled car in a robot body.
  • Building blocks are not compatible with Lego blocks

AOKESI Remote Control Robot DIY Building Blocks

AOKESI Remote Control Robot

AOKESI Remote Control Robot DIY Building Blocks offers exactly the same capability as the DAZHONG Remote Control Building Block Robot – an infrared remote-controlled buildable robot using 351 pieces blocks that can move in all directions including a 360 degree rotating stunt and equipped with a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that can play continuously for 40mins after a 120 min charge time using a USB charging cable. It looks like they both manufactured by less know manufacturer, Super Joy. The infrared remote control has 20-meter range.



The main difference is the overall robot looks and design. AOKESI Robot’s arms can be manually moved up/down and have wider track chain, which is more suitable for rough terrain and has better stability.

RC Racer Building Blocks

This RC Racer Building Blocks Set is a 2-in-1 mode racer, where 2 different racing cars can be assembled out of the same 326 pieces blocks that can be controlled by a remote controller powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included in the set). The race car has universally compatible chassis,to4 tires and a rechargeable Battery Pack which can be charged using a USB cable. An instruction manual is also included in the set.



  • Includes a storage bag
  • Morwant offers a 6 months 100% money-back guarantee
  • Bright and colorful design
  • Other styles and colors available – yellow car (426pcs) and blue car (443 pieces)
  • Price is cheap


  • Issues reported about the battery pack being unable to charge or get easily broken or difficult to take out of the car
  • Some items were reported to have missing pieces right out of the box
  • Building blocks are not compatible with Lego blocks
  • Block pieces fall off easily on bumps or rough terrain

LEGO DC Super Heroes App-controlled Batmobile Remote Control

This app-controlled batmobile set is a sure hit for Batman fanatics, which includes Batman weapons, a Batman mini-figure. Batmobile is built with 321 pieces of Lego blocks and can be controlled using most smart devices through its Bluetooth controlled hub with about 33 feet connection range. It features 4-wheel drive,to2 dual stud shooters, twin motors and an opening cockpit for mini-figure Batman, Batmobile measures over 3”to(9cm) high,to7”to(19cm) long and 5” to(13cm) wide. It is designed for kids 8 years and up.



  • Compatible with all LEGO DC Super Heroes building toys
  • Sturdy built with a strong motor


  • Compatibility issue – Some smart device may not be compatible to be used as a remote control Batmobile app requires at least 1.5GB of RAM, Bluetooth 4.1 and a Quad-Core 1.3 ghz processor, iOS 10.3 or newer and Android 5.1 or newer to run
  • Price is expensive

LEGO Technic Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer

This LEGO Technic building kit comes with 324 pieces to build a 2-in-1 Remote-Controlled tracked vehicle that rebuilds into a Stunt Racer. They are equipped with wide and stable tracks designed for rough terrain, fast speed, and awesome stunts. Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer measures over 6”to(17cm) high,to8”to(22cm) long and 5”to(15cm) wide; Remote-Controlled Racer measures over 4”to(12cm) high,to7”to(20cm) long and 7”to(19cm) wide. Designed for kids 9 years and up it requires 6 AA for the battery box inside the car and 3 AAA for the remote controller.




  • Has larger/stronger motor than other Lego technic RC tracked racers
  • Capable of multi-directional stunts, such as 360-degree spin and sharp turns, can drive over obstacles
  • Compatible with all other original LEGO sets and LEGO bricks for creative building


  • Issues reported about the design being feeble and faulty battery pack

Biranco RC Tracked Racer Building Blocks Set

This Biranco RC Tracked Racer Building Blocks Set comes with 353 pieces of building blocks to build a fully motorized, remote-controlled tracked race that can move in all directions and boasts about making a 360-degree turn stunt driving over large obstacles with ease. It boasts of its driver’s cab with roll bars and 2 large tracks, each powered by 4 wheels and 1 power functions medium motor, for a fun high-speed driving. The vehicle motor is powered by a rechargeable NI-CD 2/3AA300mAh 7.2V battery pack and the remote controller is powered by 3to”AAA” batteries which are not included.



  • Works very well with all-terrain and obstacles
  • Price is cheap


  • Issues reported about faulty battery pack or motor
  • Unclear instruction manual

With all the available options out there, your ultimate choice will be based on personal preference. For some quality is the top priority, for some is the price, others would prefer features.

Now it’s up to me how to convince Jem that there is a lot more value in buying either the RC Racer Building Block or the DAZHONG Remote Control Building Block Robot than the Lego Technic Rally Car he wanted since he is not really into fancy car part. I’m sure he won’t appreciate those authentic details that come with a high price tag.

Which build your own remote control car/robot do you find the best value? Share your thoughts below.

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