STEM Monthly Crate Subscription – is it worth it?

Monthly Crate Subscriptions have been gaining popularity recently, especially with the STEM toys gain in momentum within the last couple of years and onward towards 2026. Fueled by most governments, STEM conferences are held all over the world annually encouraging the world’s top educators, students, inventors and companies to incorporate hands-on STEM learning in schools and homes.

Most of the companies offering monthly crate subscriptions, like Amazon and CrateJoy, involve STEM kits boxes, among the wide gamut of subscription line options. Kids specialty subscription companies, like KiwiCo, incorporated Art in the STEM toys, making kids learning a more well-rounded approach. STEM becomes STEAM, defines as Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math.

But is this STEM kits Monthly Subscription just another hype that will soon die down or is it really worth your money? What is it all about?

How Monthly Crate Subscription Works

Companies, like KiwiCo, Amazon and CrateJoy, offer monthly subscription packages range from $10 – $40. Families can choose the type of package they want depending on their kid’s interest and how much they can afford. One project kit is then sent in the mailbox every month the subscription fee is paid. Companies offer wide variety of interest areas sorted by age, such as science kits, arts kits, electronics kits, building kits and robotics kits, where kids can build by themselves or with parents’ help.

The Benefits

  • Great opportunity to spark new interest on your kids. While it is easy to just buy them what they want, it is also a good idea to try something new, especially those interest that sparks the love for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Especially for girls, it is common to assume that girls are not interested in building stuff or about car engines. This is why at a young age, they are groomed to be interested in areas different to boys’ interests. In this modern era, where women’s contribution in the workforce is greatly appreciated and supported, it is important for our young girls to be as equipped as their boys counterparts. Read more details about importance and relevance of STEM learning here. .
  • Kids get to have the excitement of unboxing a toy every month. It’s undeniable that opening a package is addictive! It creates suspense and thrill in the anticipation of revealing what’s inside the box. ..
  • Reasonable subscription fee. When my son was on grade 1, we enrolled him in Mad Science Program. Mad Science is an after school program designed to teach kids about Science using hands on science kits that they can bring home at the end of 1 hour class room type setting. We paid $85 for only four (4) class sessions that ran once a week, so a total of 4 science kits. That means each science kit actually costs $21.25 compared to $19.99/box from Amazon and starts from $19.95/box from KiwiCo. .
  • Kids have the hands on learning on the educational principles being taught in the classroom. As they say, “Experience is the best teacher”, this definitely holds true as is it easier to explain the actual experience one had compared to what was lectured by a teacher. .
  • Great way to have quality time with kids. Doing the projects with kids is a great opportunity for parents to spend time with their grade schoolers. We all know, as parents, how grade schoolers barely interact with us most of the time. When I try to strike a conversation with my son by asking questions, like “How’s school?” He’ll just say, “Fine”. Period. I was hoping that he’ll tell me more about his day and develop this habit of having an open communication with me. But I guess I have to try harder than that. With these kits, I can have the opportunity to “play” with him while being genuinely interested in the topic we talk about. Being in the Engineering profession, I am confident to explain to him how magnets or gravity works. Although you don’t have to be an Engineering professional to be able to explain the basics of Engineering. The kit comes with instructions and explanations. If your little genius is not satisfied, google or Youtube videos can definitely help! Remember, areas of interest varies widely, you may choose about reading, painting, etc. .
  • Awesome way to tear away kids off the screen. STEM kits makes learning about grown-up stuff, like electronics, chemistry labs, or building an articulated desk lamp, interactive and fun. .
  • Packages are conveniently delivered every month. This is definitely a plus for busy parents who do not have time to shop for interesting toys that support the kids learning. There’s no need to think about what to buy next as each box contains different project every month.

The Drawbacks

  • More toys piling at home. Unlike the typical toys, science or engineering kits are a lot less bulky but are still piling up at home after the excitement is gone. That means another toy set put aside to pile up in the toy area every month. ..
  • You don’t get to choose actual project you receive. You get to choose the interest area, but actual project kits are surprise packages and surprises are not always pleasant. .
  • Packages have unclear value. Since project kits do not come with actual price tags in a monthly crate subscription compared when shopping in retail stores, it is hard to determine whether you are getting what your money is really worth.

My Verdict

After looking at the benefits and drawbacks, I think STEM crate monthly subscription is worth it. Until my son’s school integrates hands-on STEM learning into the curriculum, I won’t mind spending additional dollars to supplement his classroom type learning in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Investing in my child’s future is surely worth every penny.

How about you, do you think STEM crate monthly subscription worth it? I would love to hear from you! Please leave your comments below 🙂

2 thoughts on “STEM Monthly Crate Subscription – is it worth it?”

  1. I too would go for the STEM crate subscription due to the fact that it allows open up new learning opportunities and interest of a child at an early stage.
    Children get addicted to Television due to lack of alternatives, and I see this as a wonderful way to break the early addiction.
    This is a nice post Jhie.

    • Thanks Ahimbe! I agree, kids now-a-days are constantly hooked up on the screen. Providing them with better alternatives on hands-on learning is a great way to go! 🙂


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